How to book STAT

General Sittings

See a demonstration

You can view a demonstration booking form before you book an admissions test. The demo works just like the real thing, but you won't be able to save or submit anything you type. See STAT/ALSET booking demo.

1. Register for a VTAC user account

Before you can apply for courses, you must register with VTAC. If you registered any time before August 2015 you will need to register again. If you haven't registered yet, see How to register a VTAC user account.

2. Log in to your VTAC user account

To access the STAT and ALSET booking, you must log in to your VTAC user account using your VTAC ID and PIN.

3. Open the STAT and ALSET booking

To open the booking, click on 'Admissions tests (STAT/ALSET)' and then select 'STAT and ALSET booking'.

4. Follow the prompts and select booking date

The booking system will ask you which type of test you wish to book and for which session. To check where and when the tests are being held see Location and dates for STAT and ALSET sittings. Make sure you select a date and location that you will be able to attend.

5. Confirmation and payment

You will be asked to review your booking details before submitting your booking request. You will also be asked to pay the booking fee.

6. Download and print your confirmation letter

A confirmation letter will be available to download from your VTAC user account and emailed to you after you have completed the booking and paid all test booking fees. All candidates are required to present the confirmation letter at their sitting. For further information and full details on what to bring to the test, see Preparing for a test: STAT or ALSET.

Test fees

To sit an admissions test through VTAC, you must make a booking and pay the test fee.

How much?

You will be charged a fee for each test you book. If you book two tests, you must pay two test fees. If you book three tests, you must pay all three test fees. For booking fee amounts see Dates and fees.

Bookings are processed immediately when payment is received, and booking fees are not refundable (except as required by law). So before you book, you should check carefully whether you need to sit the test. See Do I need to sit STAT? and Do I need to sit ALSET?.

Where and how to pay

You will be asked to pay online at the end of your booking and you can choose to pay via PayPal, or with a Visa or MasterCard.

Special sittings

Special sittings may be held for those who have medical conditions, live more than two hours from a scheduled test location or who are unable to attend a scheduled sitting. For information on eligibility and instructions on how to book a special sitting see the following:

Making changes to your test bookings

After you book an admissions test, you can log in to your VTAC user account and:

  • view or change your booking
  • add another test
  • view your results

Made a mistake?

If you have made a mistake and want to change your personal details or admissions test bookings, see Change your STAT or ALSET sitting (below) or see Making changes in your VTAC user account.

Add another test

If you've already booked a sitting for one test (e.g. STAT Multiple Choice) and you later realise that you also need to sit another test (e.g. STAT Written English or ALSET), you can add a sitting in the STAT and ALSET booking section of your VTAC user account up until the closing date.

Change your STAT sitting

You can change the type of test, venue, date and time of your sitting through your VTAC user account until the closing date for each sitting. Changes are subject to availability.

Refunds and cancellations

Refunds are not available for STAT sittings (except as required by law). If you are unable to sit a booked test, you may apply to the Admissions Tests Coordinator for a Special Sitting on an alternative date. Fees will apply. 

Interstate sittings 

STAT sittings are conducted through each state's Tertiary Admissions Centre. If you are in Tasmania the STAT will be run through VTAC, however if you are sitting the STAT in any other state, please contact your nearest Tertiary Admissions Centre to book a STAT sitting. 

See: How to book a STAT sitting: Interstate Applicants

Overseas sittings

Overseas STAT sittings are conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). For more information please contact ACER directly.