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VTAC Gazette

The VTAC Gazette is a monthly digest of policy updates and changes to courses that have occurred since the publication of the VTAC Guide. Each edition contains any relevant policy changes that have occurred at VTAC and list any new courses that have been added to CourseSearch, as well as cancelled course codes, campus changes and other course amendments. A consolidated edition listing all of the changes recorded for the year will be published in December.

VTAC Gazette February 2016

VTAC Gazette archive


Publications for Year 12 students

VTAC eGuide 2016VTAC eGuide

The VTAC eGuide is VTAC's major publication. It contains courses offered by institutions that participate in the VTAC system, information about these institutions, and general information about application procedures.

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VTAC eGuide Sample

Download a sample of the VTAC eGuide 2016. The sample includes information about entrance requirements, tips on how to apply for courses, SEAS and scholarships, booking admissions tests and getting results and offers

For courses and institutional contacts, policies and services, purchase the VTAC eGuide by clicking on the Google Play button above.


ABC of ApplyingABC of Applying

A companion to the Guide, ABC of Applying summarises (for parents of VCE students) all the vital information needed for the application process without all the course and institutional information contained in the Guide. All Victorian schools are sent one copy per Year 12 student.

ABC of Applying (PDF)


ABC of ScalingABC of Scaling

ABC of Scaling helps you understand how the ATAR is calculated.

ABC of Scaling (PDF)


ABC of OffersABC of Offers

ABC of Offers explains how the offers system works and answers other common questions about course offers .

ABC of Offers (PDF)


Publications for Year 10 and 11 students

VICTER 2018Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements (VICTER)

In VICTER, institutions outline the VCE study requirements needed for entry into their courses in two years time. This advance information is vital for Year 10 students planning a VCE curriculum and a future tertiary direction.

For entry into courses in 2018:

For entry into courses in 2017:


ChoiceCHOICE: VCE Studies and the ATAR

A companion booklet to VICTER, provides a snapshot of the tertiary system for year 10 students, explains the terms they need to be familiar with and debunks some of the myths commonly associated with choosing subjects by using real life examples.

All Victorian schools are sent a number of reference copies based on the number of Year 10 students enrolled.

This year's publication has been available since July.



VTAC Bulletin

The VTAC Bulletin is published once a year when main round applications are opened, and contains information about VTAC's application processes, useful publications and important news about the upcoming application and offer round.

2014 VTAC Bulletin

Prior to 2014 the VTAC Bulletin was published monthly and contained course and policy updates. This information is now published in the VTAC Gazette. Visit the VTAC Bulletin archive for issues up to 2013.

Fact Sheets


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